Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Project: The Great Outdoors

I have plants in my garden!  (I say it with the same pomp and circumstance as one would say "man has walked on the moon!") Remember those teeny, tiny little baby plants that I started indoors two months ago?  Well they have grown into teenagers who have just left home to start life on their own in the great outdoors.  It is so exciting to watch them grow big and strong, all from a little seed!  The miracle of growing things never ceases to amaze me.  

About a month ago we started planning our garden.  After much thought I decided to bite the bullet and build raised beds.  Planting in a raised bed minimizes weeds and gives more yield per square foot, and I thought we might as well start this thing off right. 

We bought 8x8 hemlock planks which my dad and husband made into these lovely beds.  

This is what my backyard looks like.  Four beds measuring 4x8 feet, with mulch in between.  
Recipe for my soil:  1/3 empty soil from the garden centre store
                              1/3 free aged manure from a friend
                              1/6 bagged potting soil
                              1/6 random organic matter laid down last year (seaweed, grass, hay, etc...)

Let's hope the plants like this particular blend. 

Here is what I have so far: 

The basils have since made it into the garden, but grew nicely indoors up until a few hours ago.

 Can't wait to have me some fresh basil and tomatoes from the garden!

Lovely lettuce.

Mini spinach 

Kholrabi (if you've never heard of it, check it out)

About 12 tomato plants! Both normal and cherry tomatoes.

Teeny tiny cherry tomato




9 little hot pepper plants.

Can't wait to make some spicy deliciousness with these peppers!

This is a half-barrel that I found in the woods and filled with soil to plant my peas.

Climb, little peas, climb!

Stay tuned, soon there will be edible things to take pictures of before I nom them all!

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