Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Avocado feta tartine

Toast with mayo, avocado and feta. This little puppy is what changed the way I look at avocado. No longer merely a base for amazing guacamole, I've come to truly appreciate how delicious it is on its own. My husband loves this recipe too. As someone who loves a good word-play, he takes any opportunity to call avocados "lawyers" (in French both words are expressed as "avocats"). Hilarity ensues. 
We do try to eat locally as often as possible, and avocados are one food that pricks at my conscience. If only they grew in our corner of the world... oh avocado why must your carbon-footprint be so large? *sigh* I guess produce this time of year will be grown far away... no matter how you slice it. (hihi)
Avocado is the butter of the fresh produce world - creamy and spreadable, and full of good fat. A friend of mine who lived in Uganda said that she would crave avocados because they ate so few other fats. When my husband and I did a diet cleanse (no processed foods, white flour products or white sugar products) I often found myself hungry at the end of the day -it was probably because I was still nursing my 3-month-old, but regardless I wanted something satisfying. This tartine was my go-to snack and it is still a favourite of mine whenever we have ripe avocados kicking around. 

Note: "Tartine" is the French word for open-faced sandwich and it makes it sound fancy, even though this is just toast with stuff on it.  Think of it as a sandwich with half the carbs.

Avocado feta tartine

2 pieces of toast (Rice cakes would probably work as a gluten-free option)
1/2 ripe avocado
Real mayonnaise
Crumbled feta

First, toast two pieces of bread. (Whole wheat or sprouted bread are good options) 
Then spread a thin layer of mayonnaise. Not Cool Whip! I mean Miracle Whip. None of the Whips should come into contact with your toast, if you can help it. 

Slice half the avocado into about 1/4 inch thick slices.

Crumble about 3-4 tablespoons' worth of feta.

Then scoop the avocado slices out with a knife (or your thumbnail...) and lay on top of your toast. You could squish them with your knife and spread it out like real butter if you felt like it.  Top with crumbled feta.

This goes well with a bowl of soup or chili. I think I see a chili recipe coming soon...