Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Project: Plant baby progress!

I planted my seeds about 4 weeks ago, and now look at my little plant babies! They are practically ready for kindergarten. Despite not having a ton of direct sunlight they mostly seem to be thriving quite well. Each one of my basils has grown tall - although I certainly don't have room for almost 100 basil plants! Already I've given some to 2 friends and will probably have to leave some on people's doorsteps in the night...

I just transplanted my little hot pepper plants today and they look pretty happy in their new window precariously perched on top of my ironing board which is propped up on some boxes... I should put a 'caution' sign up in that room.

I transplanted some tomatoes just over a week ago, and they are just loving their new pots!

Note to self: Seedlings start out cute and cuddly but they will grow big and strong and will run around the house and knock over your fragile stuff and jump up and lick your face! I mean need to be transplated and take up every one of your windowsills...

I can't wait to plant these outside and start to see some to-ma-toes!

Stay tuned for Operation Building Garden Beds!

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