Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuna, Olive and Gruyère Melt

My wonderful husband bought me a block of lovely Gruyère cheese the other day and every day I try to find some way of incorporating it into at least one meal. The flavour is just to die for, so smooth and nutty..,

Once, I almost visited the town of Gruyère, Switzerland, which this cheese is named after, but it didn't quite work out... (Geneva is so close!) I think my Swiss friends would have liked to educate me on cheese-ology because I come from the continent which unfortunately thinks swiss cheese is both Swiss and cheese.

Hello side-note.

So, in my pursuit of daily Gruyère eating, here is what I had for lunch yesterday. First it was going to be just cheese on a bagel, then I thought I'd make a tuna melt, and the olives were just pure inspiration. I love savoury things and these flavours just melded so well together. My husband almost threw up when I showed him. He HATES both tuna and olives. I guess two wrongs don't make a right :)

You can use swiss or emmental cheese if you can't get your hands on some gruyère. Just don't tell any Swiss people about the swiss cheese. They may have you arrested for crimes against cheese.

Tuna, Olive and Gruyère Melt

Whole wheat bagel, halved
1/2 can tuna
Squeeze of lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Large green olives, sliced
Gruyère cheese, sliced

Mash up the tuna in a bowl, add a dollop of mayonnaise, squeeze of lemon juice and dash of salt and pepper - all to taste. Pat onto the bagel halves, layer on the olive slices and top with gruyère. Pop in the oven until the cheese is melted. Bon appétit!

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