Sunday, March 11, 2012


What do you think of when you hear the word sprout? I feel like sprouts are probably misunderstood to be hippy foodie food for hippies and foodies. Not so, my friends! Sprouts are an amazingly easy way to grow nutritious, fresh food all year round. I promise, I am not trying to sell you something, just poke you into explore the scary new world of sprouts. They are easy to make - just soak, rinse, wait, rinse some more... Eat them by themselves, on a sandwich, in a salad, or tossed in a stir-fry. Sprouts will rock your world. If you let them.

My brother (who is also into sprouts) gave me a great gift for Christmas - a jar with a mesh lid, and two little baggies, one with alfalfa seeds, one with radish seeds. For sprouting!
In the past I have used a sieve and a clean cloth to hold my seeds while they sprout - it makes for easy rinsing and keeps them humid. But, hands down, the jar is easiest to work with.

How to make your own sprouts

Large Mason jars
Wire mesh fit into the top (cut up a sieve or flat splash guard)
Sieve with a clean cloth inside

Seeds or beans for sprouting
My favourites:
- alfalfa
- radish
- lentils
- chickpeas
- mung beans
(See here for a great guide on how to and what to sprout)


Soak your seeds or beans overnight in water.

Drain and set aside - preferably in a dark place. Seeds grow in soil, right?

You want the sprouts to stay humid and at a constant room temperature - not too cold or too hot. If you are sprouting in the sieve, make sure the cloth is folded over the sprouts to keep them humid.
Rinse twice daily, morning and evening. About 2-3 days later, when there is some significant sprouting action going on, place them on a windowsill where they can get some light and soak up some chlorophyll. Once they are long/green/bushy enough for you, place them in the fridge and consume within the week.

If you notice any mold or stinkiness (which can happen with lack of drainage, air circulation or dirty equipment) DO NOT eat them.

Enjoy any way you like!

I love sprouts in salads, sandwiches, wraps... even in stir-fries, just toss them in at the end of cooking. Here is a delicious chicken/greens/sprouts wrap I made for lunch the other day.

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