Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lunch on the road

We went to Halifax last weekend for my husband's grandmother's memorial service, and to spend time with extended family. It was a lovely weekend of catching up with cousins and reminiscing about Grammy. As for road trips, I hate spending money on food we've scavenged from convenience stores and fast-food joints, so I packed us this simple yet delicious lunch that sustained us for more than one meal. It's easy to eat well even when away from home! When you plan ahead that is... This time, kudos to me for planning!
On the menu:
- rosemary and black olive bread (homemade; recipe to come)
- smoked salmon
- cheddar cheese
- peaches and cherries
- yogurt
- cucumber wedges
- pretzels
- rice crispie squares and brownies
- black licorice

A recipe for deliciousness.

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